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Workshops for (Parents, Administrators and K-12th Grade Youth)


Written By Kids has two great programs that support most existing literacy and bullying prevention programs. Our approach is to facilitate an environment that allows children to learn from one another through real life examples and peer driven discussions.



  • Written By Kids Literacy/Writing Workshops:  (content can be modified to fit most time requirements)                                           

    •  Program #1: “Finding The Story In You” This is a 3 week program that teaches children how to plan, write and illustrate their very own story. The purpose of this program is to guide children down the path of authorship, while simultaneously focusing the content of their stories around a socially relevant subject. Upon completion of this program parents and participants can choose to have their story published and printed in hard copy form. If the story meets our sister company’s STTRB criteria it could be featured in their nationally published catalog and on our website.

    • Program #2: Interactive Storytelling With A Purpose, these stories are followed up by a question and an answer session. We use pre-approved Written By Kids materials that relate to current and specific social issues selected by you and presented by kids from their own perspectives, to educate and motivate young people. This serves as a great dialog opener and the content can be modified for the appropriate age, reading and comprehension level for grades K-12.


  • Written By Kids Bullying Prevention Workshops:  (content can be modified to fit most time and information requirements)

    Written By Kids brings a far-reaching and a comprehensive tool to provide a foundation for bullying prevention programs or that can be integrate seamlessly with most existing bullying prevention initiatives!



This “tool” is a Bullying Prevention Guide for Parents, Kids and Adults, that was developed by the Helm Family of Lansing, Michigan, to be an all-inclusive educational and supportive tool for almost everyone whether they were or are bullying victims, bystanders, perpetrators, unconcerned individuals, etc.



Working together in any capacity to tackle the bullying pandemic at its source is precisely the tool WBK has to offer!


This widely publicized guide is jam packed with questions and comments to help facilitate a discussion about bullying prevention.  The guide is a workbook and reference that can be provide to workshop participants and is used as the foundation for each discussion.  It’s easy to read and regarded as one of the most comprehensive bullying prevention guides for group assessments, self-assessment, or facilitating a dialog about bullying prevention from a multifaceted perspective.



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