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Written By Kids Publishing Company (WBKPC) 


Our mission is to produce, promote and distribute quality reading material for children.  Our method is simple!  We work with youth to help them realize and verbalize the story they have within. (Ask about our “Finding The Story In You Program” available through our Written By Kids Foundation). Using this approach we come across some powerful fundamental messages that support our objective to Restore Justice Through Literacy.  Download our Scholastic book order form and book descriptions.


We team young authors and illustrators up with a mentor close to their age to encourage, motivate and assist them through the publishing process.  Stories that are motivating, uplifting or that teach positive ways of dealing with current issues may be included in the WBKPC catalog.  This catalog is marketed across the country directly to individuals and organizations through our Independent Book Distributors (IBD) and can server as a launchpad for the right individual’s book or art work. 


Does a child in your life enjoy reading, writing or drawing?  Would you or would they like to have their work published?   Start Here to see if you qualify for free or reduced publishing cost.


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