Written By Kids Foundation (WBKF)


is a non-profit organization that was formed to promote literacy and combat bullying by supporting and encouraging youth in our underserved communities and school districts across America, to read, write and actively work on becoming Quality, Professional and Productive adults.  WBKF started out as a means of self-publishing children stories for aspiring author, Miss Nkiyasi Helm.  The content and unique perspective offered by this young lady was immediately identifiable.  She quickly produced several children books that provide insight on social issues kids her age are faced with. 


After completing her tenth book Nkiyasi and her family decided that it was important to share these stories with her peers, but more importantly provide the means for others to share theirs.  Therefore, they came together to form Written By Kids Publishing Company.  In the course of building and developing the publishing company, Miss Nkiyasi also pursued her goal of being a motivational speaker, she has done several speaking engagements, is an ambassador for young people, volunteer, mentor and enjoys discussing her work on TV, radio, newspaper, and places like Eagle Village Youth Center. 


Miss Nkiyasi has already achieved a lot, but she believes that there is a significant opportunity for the improvement of young people lives throughout our communities by promoting literacy and providing the means for children to express themselves on issues that are of concern to them, from their own perspectives.  Much of the work Miss Nkiyasi does is in underserved and underfunded communities at little or no cost to the organization or individual and therefore the company typically seeks sponsorships or personal contributions to cover the associated cost of donating books, acquiring professional talent and Free community events.


The cost to travel to, be a part of and participate in the programs can be out of reach for some in underfunded communities.  Therefore, we find it necessary to form a foundation we call it Written By Kids Foundation.  This foundation is meant to make it possible for many more people to participate in our literacy programs as well as making it possible for the Written By Kids Foundation to host events and workshops that benefit the community.  Our goal through this foundation is to develop programs that encourage young people to read, write, draw and diligently pursue their career goal.