"Nickels of Necessity"


 A fundraiser that utilizes your change, to help bring about change by supporting WBK Bullying Prevention forums. Your nickel enables Written By Kids to continue to be a resource, outlet, and Community Advocate. 

Written By Kids Foundation (WBKF) 



Recognizes the literacy gap that many underserved children, communities, schools and school districts suffer from and therefore, we intend to bridge this gap by sponsoring community events, donating books, facilitating literacy camps and art programs that support and enhance existing organizations programs, where we can provide our unique medium for young people to share and learn from, kid to kid. 


We want to encourage young people to express themselves and their emotions through reading and writing in an attempt to create a warm, pleasant, happy environment, that is why we developed our Finding The Story In You Program The founder of WBKF Miss Nkiyasi Helm is a teenage author, motivational speaker, an example of excellence, mentor, volunteer, 4.00 student, big sister and so much more. 


She has committed herself to being an advocate for improving literacy, bully prevention and living a healthy productive life.  Your contribution will help make it possible for Nkiyasi to travel across America to share her story of success and to promote the importance of literacy.  Thank you for your support!


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