Here at WBKPC we recognize that reading is a vital part of our entire life.  You’ve heard it said many times before “If you want to live long, you must keep your brain strong!”


Therefore, we promote long term involvement in children’s lives through literacy.  We challenge you to allow WBKPC to be a part of your child’s life. 


Our strategy goes like this:  We recommended reading to children from the ages 0 - 4, then from ages 5 - 8 do interactive storytelling, from ages 9 - 13, read and discuss, and finally from ages 14 - 18, read and discuss in-depth while using relevant real life examples.


Our experience with using this method and our reading material has demonstrated that almost everyone has a story to learn from, hence the importance of these discussions taking place between children and their peers. 


Would you like to improve literacy in your community today?   If so, start the Written By Kids way!