Our Story

Writtenbykids.com (WBK) began with a kid and a dream.  At that time 10 year old Nkiyasi Helm decided to fulfill her dream of becoming an author.  Initially her writing and illustrating began as a hobby and soon led to writing with a purpose.  If you ask Nkiyasi why she likes to write so much “it’s like TV in your head” she responds.  I write to help other people gain a different perspective “a kid’s perspective on issues that the youth of today are faced with.  Now at 13, Miss Nkiyasi wants to provide the same opportunity to other young people by assisting in the development of their own books and illustrations and by providing the means for them to share it with a broader audience.  Therefore she joined forces with her mother and father to form Written By Kids Publishing Company (WBKPC).


Miss Nkiyasi teamed up with her parents, sisters and brother to form Writtenbykids.com, which grew and became Written By Kids Publishing Company (WBKPC) after about one year.  Now more than two years, 10 books and several interviews and speaking engagements later Miss Nkiyasi wants to travel the world writing books and encouraging other children to read and write.  Nkiyasi’s uniqueness is a result of her focus on positively addressing common social issues that many youth face for example: Bullying, Obesity and Low Self-esteem from a kid’s perspective.  Her philanthropic attitude and desire to build a literacy bridge passionately extends to those in under-served communities and school districts hence, the recent translation of her books into Spanish.  


Nkiyasi has already impact so many children, adolescence and adults.  She plans to continue to uplift and pave the way for other young people to carry her baton for many more years to come.  Encourage by Nkiyasi’s tenacity and determination to turn her dream into a reality the family came together and decided to establish Written By Kids Foundation (WBKF) a non-profit 501 (c) (3) focused on sustaining and supporting her mission of bridging the literacy gap in under-served communities across America.


Leadership includes:


Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm is committed to children's learning.  Dr. Lindiwe taught k-6 and has always emphasized teaching children critical thinking skills, technology, science and encouraged children to express themselves by writing.  Dr. Lindiwe is an emulating example, after getting a BA in Business she got her masters in Science Leadership and Administration and a doctorate in Public Health.


Mr. Robert Helm has over fifteen years’ experience as an entrepreneur, and brings a plethora of experience in strategic planning, marketing, product development, graphic design and sales.  He works closely with Miss Nkiyasi as the Program Director Writtenbykids.com.  Nkiyasis’ siblings are also an integral part of the children’s book publishing process.  They are content reviewers and even offer insight on colorful illustrations.  We like to call them our talent base!  All of their contributions come together to form the Writtenbykids approach to writing.


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